INF Singapore: Professional Japanese-English translation and interpretation service provider in Singapore

Founded in 1988 for the purpose of providing professional translation service to the one of the major enterprise of Japanese automotive industry, INF Group has continued to support the global expansion of our customers in Japan. Today, it is widely recognized as the “INF comprehensive translation service ” to deliver the translation services of high quality, while proud of the proven track record in the various field.
As a base for Southeast Asia, INF Group established INF Singapore PTE LTD in Singapore in July 2013. INF Singapore is one of a very few Japanese subsidiary companies established in Singapore.
INF Singapore provides the top-quality translation and interpretation services in the languages of Japanese, English, Chinese, Southeast Asia language, and most major languages. We also offer a range of other services including localization services through a group network in Japan and overseas.

What we offer

    • Translation service
    • Interpretation service

Translation Service

We provide translation service in various industries and for various documents.
Japanese – English Translation, editing, proofreading, DTP (Desktop Publishing), notarization service

First, please contact us.
Inquiry (email) → Quotation → Order Confirmation → Delivery

Inquiry (email): Before we initiate a translation project, our coordinator or a project manager will review all aspects of the document to be translated. We identify possible issues that we may encounter in the project, and work with our clients and linguists to find the best solutions, prior to initiating the translation process.

If necessary, we can visit your office to discuss your requirement and the details of the translation project.

Quotation: We provide you a quotation and lead time based on the original source text taking into consideration the format, field, difficulty and volume of the source file. While our client review the quotation, we select appropriate translator(s) for the project and secure their schedule.

Order Confirmation: Once you confirm the quotation we will start the translation.

Delivery: We email you the deliverable. If you are not satisfied with the quality, client may contact us within 2 weeks, and we will do our best to correspond to your request.

Urban Development
Civil Engineering
Patent Litigation
Industrial Equipment
Civil and Criminal Law
Investor Relations
Real Estate Development

Financial documents
Business Plans/Proposals
Market Studies
Technical Reports
Video Transcripts
Print Ads
Research Papers
Press Releases
Policies and Procedures
Business Letters
Curriculum Vitae

Interpretation Service

We provide consecutive, simultaneous, or whispering interpretation service in various industries and various fields.
If necessary, we provide the equipment (Wireless Transmitter, Receivers etc.) and stand by technician for simultaneous interpretation.
We can also arrange an interpreter to go overseas.

Consecutive interpretation: We offer consecutive interpretation service mainly in Japanese and English languages. Consecutive interpretation is commonly used for small group settings. Our consecutive interpreters maintain high professionalism and perform exceptional linguistic and interpersonal skills to help facilitate interactions.

Simultaneous interpretation: We offer simultaneous interpretation service. Simultaneous interpretation is generally used for large conferences or international meetings and/or environments where two or more languages are required. Simultaneous interpretation requires specific skills and it is a complex and strenuous process compared to consecutive interpretation. Interpreters will work in a group of 2 and sit in an isolated booth(or table). They will listen to the speaker(s) through a headset, and interpret into a microphone, which will be wirelessly transmitted to headsets used by audience members.

Whispering interpretation: We also offer whispering interpretation service as an option. Whispering interpretation is where the interpreter sits next to the person needing to understand the foreign language and whispers what’s being said in their ear. No special equipment is required and the interpreting is near real-time. The aim to provide personal language support to an individual within a group without impacting the group as a whole.

First, please contact us by email.
Inquiry (email) → Quotation → Order Confirmation → Dispatch an interpreter

Inquiry (email): Our coordinator or a project manager will get information regarding our client’s needs for interpretation. We identify possible issues that you may encounter during the interpretation, and work with our clients and interpreters to find the best solutions. If necessary we visit your office to discuss the details of the project.

Quotation: We provide you a quotation based on your requirements taking into consideration the industry, difficulty and volume of the project. While our client review the quotation, we select appropriate interpreter(s) for the project and share his/her profile with you.

Order Confirmation: Once you confirm the quotation, we will officially secure the interpreter’s schedule.

Dispatch interpreter: We will dispatch an interpreter.


We are always seeking experienced translator, interpreter, native speakers of Japanese, English and other languages of the world.
Requirements for translators: More than 5 years of working experience as a translator in the specialized filed(s) is required.
Work Type: Freelance
Salary: Commission based

Requirements for interpreters: More than 5 years of working experience as an interpreter (consecutive or simultaneous) in the specialized filed(s) is required.
Work Type: Freelance
Salary: Commission based

How to apply >>
Please send your resume to the following E-mail address.
* We may ask you to do a free trial translation and to come for an interview.
* The personal information you provide upon registration will be used internally only. We promise that your personal information will never be disclosed to a third party.


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